“I am so glad you are in my village! You are such a strong, positive female influence on my daughter. I can tell you really care about your dancers, not just how well they dance but what kind of people they are becoming as well. I love your message of kindness and hard work. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication!” E’s mom

“I appreciate all the communication and all the tiny details the studio owner thinks of to help the dancers grow and progress and to put on a beautiful show!” K’s mom

Absolutely Love Gotta Dance!

I absolutely love Gotta Dance! I have a very shy and sometimes withdrawn little girl. She loves to dance but is afraid to show what she can do. The dance instructors at Gotta Dance! are very fun and outgoing. They are loud engaging and capture the kids’ attention. And their interactions with the kids will make you laugh out loud. And then there’s the owner, Anne. What a beautiful person. She cares about the kids and truly embraces the concepts of dance and what dance can do for a person. She isn’t driven by the how many classes to get the child into but instead, she focuses on what the child needs and wants. The studio is beautiful: very clean, well-organized and decorated very pretty too. She has set it up so the parents can watch as well. I absolutely love Gotta Dance!!!!


Life Changing Event

I woke up this morning still feeling so overwhelmed by my daughter’s very first dance recital last night. She was absolutely incredible. She performed in 5 dances and absolutely blew me away. She worked so hard, practicing so many hours on these routines. She moved me to tears last night and I could not be more proud of her. Thank you Anne Fulton-Cavett for following your heart and passion and for all of your hard work creating such an amazing event last night. It was a life changing event for my daughter and truly an evening I will never forget.

CCA, Mom of 12 year old dancer

Culture of Kindness and Respect

We love Gotta Dance! After attending other dance schools in town and finding a negative and overly competitive atmosphere at each of them, Gotta Dance is a breath of fresh air! Here, my daughter feels challenged, but supported. There is a culture of kindness and respect for others. It is the perfect place for a child to learn and grow, while developing skills and a deep love of dance.

CR, Mom of a ballet, jazz, musical theater, and lyrical dancer

The Highlight of Our Week

Not only do my kids love going to dance class but I really enjoy it, as a parent. Watching the teachers take the time to show my kids what they are doing and how to improve is great and there are no words to describe how their faces light up when they finally get the move!  My kids and I are always greeted with smiles and warm energy. Gotta Dance! teachers are so energetic and patient with their dancers. It is easy to tell that they really enjoy their job. The studio itself is always clean and their dance wear as well.  My children have learned to express themselves through dance. Dance class at Gotta Dance! is definitely the highlight of our week.

GRV, dancers ages 4, 8, 10 and 12

Dance Family

When the wonderful Cheryl Ann Rossi sadly closed her Musical Dance Studio last year, little did I know what would be coming next. One of the mothers, who had two sons in the program, decided to keep the place and maintain the tradition of creativity and kindness to enhance the lives of our children. Gotta Dance! was born. Of course my daughter, Claire, was one of the first to enroll and my eldest, Eve, was soon to follow. I have to say, that the essence of a “dance family” was carried on within the walls of a fully remodeled space. I feel incredibly fortunate to have a place on the east side of town where my children are not only learning to dance, but also practicing compassion and kindness.

LR, Mom of a 6 yr old hip hop and 10 yr old lyrical dancers

Their Favorite Day of the Week

Gotta Dance! is a special place. My older daughter has taken dance lessons from other studios, much larger. None inspired the passion and provided the individualized attention that Gotta Dance! does. Here, your child is cared for as a unique, growing person. They learn both the basics of dance and also character development, working as a team, respect for teachers and each other. It is absolutely their favorite day of the week. As soon as we approach the studio from a distance in our car, my toddler shouts with excitement when Gotta Dance! comes into view.

RP, dancers ages 3 and 7


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