About Us

"I Gotta Dance!"


It’s a phrase that studio owner, Anne Fulton, has said since childhood. Beginning with gymnastics, then moving into ballet and jazz, Anne eventually found her biggest passion in musical theater dance. As the only child of dedicated parents, Anne was more than happy to take center stage, but as life evolved into the familiar triad of marriage-career-family, her dance shoes were pushed further and further to the back of the closet.

An attorney by day, Anne has a long history of volunteerism in the Tucson community. One of the events closest to her heart is the annual gala fundraiser for the Southern Arizona Diaper Bank, Dancing With Our Stars, a local version of the hit television show. As a dancer in this popular event, Anne reconnected with her love of dance, and as her passion for dance expanded, invitations to other activities were rejected with her mantra, “No thanks, I gotta dance!”

As the mother of two pre-teen boys who share her interest in musical theater and dance, Anne was seeking more time on the dance floor for both them and herself. When the studio her children attended to study musical theatre performance closed, Anne decided to transform the space into a dance studio for both kids and adults.

Anne’s views of the importance of kindness and in the joys of childhood dance informs the culture of the studio. The studio and its team of instructors encourages dancers by providing a supportive and fun environment in which to learn.


Our Studio


Redesigned from floor to ceiling, the Gotta Dance! studio is a transformative, artistic space with a state-of-the-art technology and a welcoming environment. We'd love to show you around, so please contact us  and check out our list of classes.