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Kids Programs

Gotta Dance! believes dancers will experience a higher level of progress in their training and technique as they study and train several dance disciplines. When choosing a dance class, remember ballet is highly recommended as it is the foundation for all contemporary dance styles. Dancers show a significant amount of success in their all-around technique and performance when enrolled in a ballet program.

Tiny Tots Intro to Dance




Does your Tiny-Tot have the Jitterbug? Give them their first chance to dance in our Tiny-Tot Dance Class, designed for children ages 3-4. This class is a fun-damental dance class, focusing on coordination and body awareness. The basics of dance are learned through games, obstacle courses and choreography, all fun and safe for kiddos. Sign up your Tiny-Tot today!

Little Dancers, Intro to Dance




Does your little one enjoy music and dancing along to his or her favorite songs? If so, it might be time for their dance class!

Our Little Dancers, Intro to Dance class, is especially designed for children ages 5-7, and provides a fun and encouraging introduction to the basics of ballet, jazz, and overall movement to music.

We believe that a child's experiences in dance should be pressure-free as they build their confidence and develop new skills. Our dance instructors are highly qualified in working with children and strive to model patience, persistence and a positive attitude -- attributes that are important in dance as well as in life.

We do ask that children wear ballet slippers, pink tights and black leotards for this class as we are teaching them the basics of dance etiquette in this class as well.  Please click here HERE for our full dress code.

Lyrical/ Contemporary Dance




Lyrical is a fluid style of dance that fuses ballet and jazz to interpret the meaning of the lyrics. Choreography is often emotional and delicate at the same time, telling a story that emphasizes expression, fluid body movement and control. Contemporary is largely the same genre of dance as lyrical.

The dress code for our Lyrical classes calls for students to come in dance-wear. Half-sole lyrical shoes (sometimes called spinner shoes/foot undies/dance paws/foot thongs) are required. Amazon has a lot of options, including Capezio, Neoprene, and Danshuz. Bare feet are not allowed—that's how you sprain a knee! We also ask that students keep their hair away from their face. Please click here HERE for our full dress code.

Musical Theater Dance



Is your child a fan of Annie, The Lion King, or the popular television show, Glee? Then they will probably love the musical theater classes at Gotta Dance! where they will learn theater basics, along with songs, spoken dialogue, acting, and dance.

This upbeat class, specially tailored for youth, teaches Broadway-style choreography and show-stopping stage presence, with a focus on (age-appropriate) acting and song-and-dance numbers from a variety of musical productions, past and present.

This class will expose students to acting and improvisational exercises, proper techniques and dance movements.

Proper shoes for this class include character shoes or jazz shoes. We ask that these shoes be reserved only for the dance floor—no wearing them to or from class, please! Please click here HERE for our full dress code.





Jazz is an exciting dance form because of the energy, expression and vitality it offers dancers. Jazz is a technique based style with a strong ballet foundation that explores a dynamic range of dance elements with a focus on isolations and rhythm. Jazz choreography is influenced by past and present musical genres including jazz, swing, blues, pop, hip hop, funk, soul and other popular music trends. Jazz is the dance genre seen in Broadway hits such as Chicago, West Side Story and A Chorus Line.
Dancers will begin with a warm-up to develop strength, flexibility, correct alignment and coordination. The class will focus on isolations, across-the-floor progressions and build up to extended dance combinations. Jazz dance is one of the mandatory genres a dancer must know in order to call themselves a dancer!
Please click here HERE for our full dress code.



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Hip-Hop is a high energy freestyle dance form that has become one of the most popular dance form among kids today. Hip-hop combines freestyle, breakdancing, lyrical, contemporary and jazz footwork. Inspired by street dance styles, this class is by far our most popular. Isolations, stretching, rhythms, upper body strength and funky footwork are all emphasized. Instructors may incorporate elements from popping, breaking, locking, tutting and house dance. Each class ends with learning choreography to popular (age-appropriate) music and gives students opportunity to showcase their dancing in group or as solo at the end of the class.

Clean sneakers are required. Students must have a designated pair of shoes only for the studio floor. Please bring these shoes with you in a bag—do not wear your studio shoes on your way to class. For ease, we have baskets in which kids may store their studio shoes so they are ready to dance in each week!  This is basic studio etiquette that all dancers must learn and it is vital for the safety of our dancers and quality of the dance floor. Please click here HERE for our full dress code.

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